Pet Mayor election raises funds for Salt Lake County Animal Services

Posted at 9:47 PM, Sep 17, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY - Does your puppy have what it takes to get the populist vote?

Can your cat claw its way through a campaign? Do you have a duck, even a lame one?

If so, it’s time to get your pet registered for the Salt Lake County “Pet Mayor” election.

This campaign is a little different, even its name.

"PAWlitical Pets, P-A-W-litical pets, we wanted to include the cats, the bunnies, anybody else that wants to run for office, it's not just going to go to the dogs,” said Randee Lueker, Rescue and Marketing Coordinator with Salt Lake County Animal Services. “This year it's going to be cats vs dogs, maybe bunnies, maybe guinea pigs. We don't know: elect your pet."

It costs $25 to register your pet and a dollar per vote, and you have until September 20 to get your pet in the running. All of the proceeds will go to Salt Lake Animal Services injured animal fund.

To run for office, all pets must live in Salt Lake County. Anyone, anywhere though can cast as many votes as they want.

"There's a pet deputy mayor and nine councilmembers that are going to be elected too,” Lueker said.

The winner will serve a two-year term, and act as an ambassador for all other pets in the county. The pet mayor will advocate responsible pet ownership by stressing things like licensing, vaccinating and spaying or neutering pets.

And remember, this is the only election where it’s legal to buy votes.

For more information or to register your pet, click here.