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Naked man seen running down street after he was robbed during online date

Posted at 1:29 PM, Sep 20, 2017

PORTSMOUTH, Va. - An online date that went terribly wrong ended with a naked man running down the street screaming for help before a 15-year-old girl came to his aid, according to WTKR.

15-year-old Aaliyah Thompson says she was shocked by what she saw on her block of Highland Avenue in Portsmouth, Virginia on September 3rd.

It all began after the victim said he met a woman online, according to court records. 

The victim met up with a woman at a home on Highland Avenue. When he got there and sat down on the sofa, two men came in with bats or poles and allegedly beat him up, made him take off his clothes and took his phone, money, credit cards, and ID.

“This man came running down the street screaming, 'Can you help me, can you help me, please help me, help me?' so I looked over there and he was naked,” said Thompson. She ran into her house and gave him a pair of shorts.

Police were called and the three suspects were arrested. Messiah A. Silas, 21, Dalvonte L. White, 22, and Sophia M. Shadley, 21, were all arrested for robbery, felonious assault, and grand larceny.

Messiah A. Silas, 21; Dalvonte L. White, 22 and Sophia M. Shadley, 21 were all arrested for robbery, felonious assault, and grand larceny.  Police said they are all from Portsmouth.

“The good thing with this case is that when the guy asked for help somebody helped and called the police and that's what you want,” retired police officer and Tidewater Community College professor and Rick James told WTKR.

He said people need to be careful when online dating. He suggests meeting in public areas, meeting up in a group and telling others where you are going.

“Men are victims a lot and a lot of times they don't report it,” said James.

Meanwhile, Thompson's dad said he’s proud of his daughter.

“I’m sorry she was exposed to it, but I would've been more hurt if she hadn't given him clothes and had him stand around out here with everything exposed,” said Rev. James Edward Thompson.

The three suspects have a court hearing on October 13th.