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‘Totally disgusting’: Neighbors shocked by man’s Halloween decorations

Posted at 3:42 PM, Sep 20, 2017

GUTHRIE, Okla. – Some residents in the Oklahoma city of Guthrie say decorations for Halloween at one home may have gone too far.

Swinging, bloody props that have many people thinking they're real can be found hanging from a tree in front of Tyler Everest's home.

"Totally disgusting, and scary, and way out of control for the age limit of the kids on the street," one neighbor told KFOR.

Some people have even contacted law enforcement to see if Everest is breaking any laws or ordinances, but police say it's all protected by free speech.

"It would have to be something way more graphic, something with profanity. If they had a name or something written on them, something like that would be against the law," said Sgt. Jeremy Thorne with the Guthrie Police Department.

Everest defended his Halloween the decorations, which he says are his passion.

"It’s really the only time of year that people like me who love the unknown, love haunted houses, love horror movies can really express how much they like it," Everest said.

He's been going all out at Halloween for years. His truck is covered year-round in zombie decals.

"I don't ever mean anything to be mean, rude, or anything like that," Everett said. "It's always in good fun."

He typically starts decorations mid-September to spread out cost and labor.

All the pieces for the bodies, an idea he said he got from Pinterest, were cheap or already on hand.

"Foam head from Hobby Lobby, and a cheap mask from Walmart," he said. The head and mask are fitted onto a shirt and jeans stuffed with pillows and linens, covered in fake blood, then wrapped in plastic and hung from the tree.

He said he's gotten positive feedback from passersby.

As for the negative comments, he hopes those people will have patience.

"If you wait, you get more of the 'oh, it’s not just dead bodies in a tree, it’s a cemetery.' People are just jumping to conclusions," he said.

And Everett said he plans to keep half of the yard kid friendly so that any kids scared of the frightening decorations can still get candy.