Herriman residents raise concerns about proposed wedding reception center

Posted at 7:06 PM, Sep 21, 2017

HERRIMAN – Some Herriman residents are fighting to keep a wedding reception center out of their neighborhood.

Five acres on the corner of Rose Canyon Road, overlooking the valley, could soon be transformed into a wedding reception center called Vintage Views.

Utah Native Todd Sinks owned and operated 20 facilities in Texas and Oklahoma.

“We've done over 10,000 weddings. We've been in the business for about eight years and we've built some beautiful venues," he said.

Sinks is facing some pushback from concerned residents like Michele Weaver.

“This is a very peaceful, serene area; that's why we live up here," Weaver said.

Weaver lives a quarter-mile away from the property. She worries about the noise and light the venue will generate.

With 120 parking spaces slated for the facility, she says the busy two-lane country road won’t accommodate the extra traffic.

“You bring another 300 people up here two, three nights a week, how many of those people are going to decide to go up the canyon.”

Dwayne Boring blames city leaders for mismanaging growth.

“We're seeing residential be put where commercial should be on major thoroughfares," Boring said. "We're seeing commercial being inserted into the middle of residential neighborhoods. This is a small canyon back there. We don't want it to be like Little Cottonwood Canyon.”

Gordon Haight, assistant city manager for Herriman, says they are seeing more growth than they’ve seen before the recession. He understands resident’s concerns, and says the developer is trying to find some common ground.

“When he met with residents there were a number of concerns that came out in terms of noise, light and people driving on their streets," Haight said. "We're looking for him tonight to recommend ways to mitigate those concerns.”

Sinks says he wants to respect the community.

“We want the same thing they want," Sinks said. "We want a beautiful facility here where people can make memories.”

The Herriman City planning commission will take up the issue Thursday night at city hall. The city council will then take it under consideration at their next scheduled meeting.