It’s happening; BYU to offer caffeinated soda on campus

Posted at 8:34 AM, Sep 21, 2017

PROVO, Utah – It’s happening. Brigham Young is now offering caffeinated soft drinks on campus.

The university said it has already added canned and bottled caffeinated soft drinks to its inventory, however,  “it will take longer to change out our fountain equipment.”

However, the school said dining services has no plans to sell “highly-caffeinated energy drinks.

Officials said the director of BYU Food Services decided not to sell caffeinated soft drinks in the mid 1950s and it has been that way ever since… until now.

The university said previously the requests for caffeinated soda were rare.

Now, it seems student preferences have changed and the requests have become much more frequent.

The school said the change is being made because of preferences, not for financial reasons.

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