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Warning: UHP is cracking down on HOV/Express Lane violators

Posted at 9:45 AM, Sep 21, 2017

The Utah Highway Patrol is cracking down on Express Lane/HOV lane abusers; basically solo drivers in that far left lane meant for vehicles with two or more people or those with clean-fuel vehicles.

For some drivers, especially when the going is slow or if they're caught up in an accident, that open left lane looks oh, so inviting.

Now solo drivers hopping across that double white line, into the HOV lane, have become an increasing concern for troopers.

They want to make sure everyone understands the rules of the road.

If you get stopped during this current crack down and you have not been an HOV violator in the past, you will likely get off with just a warning.

But remember, troopers have these cool new things called computers and they will know if you've been warned before.

The current cracked down will last at least for this weekend and will remain a point of emphasis for troopers through the rest of the month.

Troopers warn the fine is a minimum of $337, possibly more, and the violation goes on your driving record.