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Denali Medical: Let The Body Do The Miracle

Posted at 3:54 PM, Sep 22, 2017

Denali Medical is changing the face of western medicine.

Dr. Brett J. Earl believes that the world of modern medicine became either "cover it up with pills" or "cut it out with surgery," but he doesn't believe either of those are the answer.

Instead of using opioids or other pharmaceuticals, Denali Medical believes in the power of the human body.

Giving the body what it needs to fix and heal is what Denali Medical strives to do instead.

"It is designed to heal in all ages and phases of life if given the right minerals and building blocks," claims Dr. Brett Earl.

With treatment therapies such as RenuO2 and a nutrient based IV system, they hope to help take your activities and recovery to the next level.

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