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Are you prepared for natural disasters? S.A.F.E program is helping families

Posted at 11:55 AM, Sep 25, 2017

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah - Recently,  there is a renewed focus on emergency preparedness at the Salt Lake City and Salt Lake County levels.

This comes after all the recent natural disasters around the world and a small earthquake recently in our own backyard, up in Summit County.

Whether its a tornado, flooding or the most likely potential disaster, an earthquake, officials want everyone to know about project S.A.F.E.

It stands for "Schools Aid Families in Emergencies," and it's something city and county leaders have been working on for the past several years.

In the event of a disaster or emergency situation, residents can now go to one of 142 elementary schools in the Salt Lake Valley to begin the recovery process.

There they will find organizational emergency kits specific to their neighborhood, along with instructions about how to proceed.

But even before that, officials want to stress the need for everyone to have an emergency preparedness kit for their own family.

Official stress they do not want to scare people, however, they do want them to be prepared because something like an earthquake is within the realm of possibility here along the Wasatch Front.

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