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Police asking for info in Salt Lake County robberies before someone gets injured, killed

Posted at 11:02 AM, Sep 26, 2017

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah - The suspects in at least two recent robberies were heavily armed and extremely aggressive.

Police said they still aren't certain whether one or possibly two separate groups involved.

The bottom line is, they said they want to identify these individuals and get them off the streets before someone gets injured or killed.

Security cameras caught the masked suspects in a Sept. 12 takeover robbery of the Little Caesars near 3300 S. Richmond St. in Salt Lake City.

They were covered up and armed, one of them with a shotgun, and hit the business just before 10 p.m.

The suspects brought their own bag and made off with a small amount of money.

In West Valley City, just a couple of days before that, a similar looking group of suspects barged into the 7-Eleven near SR-201 and robbed the business.

A black shotgun was displayed in both robberies.

Officers said there are many similarities in both of these crimes, in particular, the shotgun and the getaway vehicle.

In both cases it is described as a lighter-colored or white sedan.

Officers are urging anyone who may have information about the suspects to call Salt Lake Police at (801) 799-3000 or West Valley Police at (801) 840-4000.

You can remain anonymous.