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Cyprus Credit Union: The Do’s and Don’ts in Money Etiquette

Posted at 2:10 PM, Sep 27, 2017

Financial Expert Rachel Langlois from Cyprus Credit Union talks about a variety of money etiquette rules we should keep in mind when dealing with others.

Money Etiquette Tips 

Don't ask: 

- How much it cost?

-  How much they earn?

Resist urge to brag about financial matters:

- How much you make

-  How much you give

Don't play the 'big shot' by giving gifts others can't reciprocate

It's OK to say no when asked to loan money, even to family

         Making Unreasonable offers when negotiating

- Don't put someone in an awkward position if it's not an offer you would entertain should it be the other way around.

         At a restaurant:

Don`t Undertip

- Most are making $2.30/hour

- Tip at least 15% if good service

- If given free items (like drinks) include value when calculating tip

Splitting the Bill

- Let server know at the beginning, if you want the bill on separate checks or if you're splitting the bill

- Sets expectations with people you're dining with

Offer to Pay Tip

- If someone else has offered to pay, it is polite to offer to cover the tip

- Bring cash and be generous

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