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Woman uses bounce house to teach persistent suitor a lesson

Posted at 2:28 PM, Sep 27, 2017

LUBBOCK, Texas - A man's bad decisions turned into a block party, on his dime.

It started when he asked a woman on a date and she politely turned him down.

But the guy didn't take no for an answer so she found the best way to teach him a lesson he, and the internet, will not soon forget.

How did Leagan Wilson take care of her persistent suitor? Two words: bounce house.

After she turned down the man multiple times, he sent her his credit card information in a final attempt to score a date.

Dumb, right?

He said, "I want you to have something, just in case you ever need anything. Anything at all."

So she took him at his word... and ordered a bounce house.

She tweeted, "You're all invited to my bouncy castle party funded by the guy that send me his credit card after i said no to a date."

Yet he still seemed surprised when he got the confirmation email for the bounce house.

He texted, "Babe, what is this?"

She wrote back, "You said anything, right?"

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