Ogden man says best friend rescued him after dogs attacked

Posted at 9:47 PM, Sep 29, 2017

OGDEN - Less than 24 hours after the attack, an Ogden man credits his dog, Taps, for coming to his rescue.

“He definitely saved my life,” said Kiaser Skinner, Taps' owner.

Skinner said he was taking Taps for a walk around 8 p.m. Thursday. The two had made it three or four blocks from home when Skinner noticed two dogs coming at him.

“A big black dog, and a little black dog,” Skinner said. “The big black dog started running at me. Taps stood his ground.”

Skinner said the little dog started biting his leg, and that’s when Taps fought back.

“My hand's a little chewed up and his ear is destroyed,” Skinner said of Taps’ ear. “I was trying to get anyone and everyone’s attention, yelling ‘Help! whose dogs are these?’”

He said eventually Taps chased the two dogs away. Someone who lives nearby called police and Skinner said they tracked the two dogs back to a home just across the street from the attack.

“I can’t imagine if my kids were with me and that dog tried coming up and biting my kids,” said Skinner, who has two young children at home.

He also points out that people not having dogs on leashes is a major problem, at least in his neighborhood. When his wife posted about the incident on Facebook, others quickly chimed in on their own problems in the area.

According to Ogden City’s leash laws ordinance: “Dogs shall be leashed at all times they are off of their own property.” The lone exception to that rule is at dog parks.