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Two arrested after shooting at teens in park, running from police

Posted at 6:35 AM, Sep 29, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY - Two teens are in custody after an alleged shooting and leading police on a chase overnight.

Police say the suspects may also have ties to two robberies earlier this week.

18-year-old suspect Tu Fan Bui-Cornethan

The latest incident started with reports of a shooting at 500 N. and Grant St. in Salt Lake City overnight.

Police say a group of teens were in the park around 10 p.m. when the suspects drove up and asked if they were in a gang.

Officers say some words were exchanged and then shots were allegedly fired at the group of teens.

Some time later, gang detectives spotted the car with the suspects at 900 S. and 200 W.

The car sped off and police followed with the chase ending near Bangerter Highway and SR-201.

The driver tried to go up an embankment and failed, getting the car stuck.

Police say the suspects may be connected to a pair of 7-Eleven robberies from earlier this week.

The suspects' car from this chase matches the description of the car used in those two robberies.

Police arrested a 17-year-old juvenile and 18-year-old Tu Fan Bui-Cornethan.

A pink gun was found after the chase and police say it may link the suspects to Thursday's 7-Eleven robberies.

No one was injured in the alleged shooting or chase.