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Howdy Ice Cream: go for the ice cream and stay for the people

Posted at 3:31 PM, Oct 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-03 17:42:12-04

Howdy Ice Cream is an ice cream shop with a cause, and one that is brightening the lives of people everywhere.

This infamous ice cream shop, which started in Texas, has now made its way to Salt Lake City. Despite having handcrafted flavors like Dr. Pepper Chocolate Chip or Hot Tamale, their unique ice cream flavors are not the only thing they are known for.

What makes Howdy's so great is that they employ individuals with special needs. They have found their employees are great at what they do and that customers absolutely adore the people even more than the ice cream.

As their saying goes, "Come for the ice cream, stay for the people."

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