Reserve police officer fatally injured in crash in Utah laid to rest in Rigby

Posted at 8:10 PM, Oct 06, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-06 22:13:08-04

RIGBY, Idaho -- A reserve police officer from Rigby, Idaho was laid to rest Friday after he died at University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City.

Bill Gray was the patient whose privacy nurse Alex Wubbels was protecting when she was arrested in July.

Gray was critically injured when a suspect fleeing from police crashed into him in northern Utah.

Family, friends and fellow officers remembered the reserve officer's life and legacy Friday morning. Gray's family talked about his sense of humor and love of playing pranks.

The Rigby Police Chief, Sam Tower, said Gray's funeral brought a little bit of healing to his blue family.

In addition to serving as a reserve police officer, Gray drove semi-trucks.

“Bill lived his life serving and protecting everyone around him,” one of Bill’s sisters said during the service.

She said Bill enjoyed the travel that came with driving a truck.

“He drove long haul for years and loved dropping in on family and friends all over the country,” she said. “He even visited me when I was serving my mission in Connecticut.”

The semi Gray was driving on July 26 on Highway 89 near Wellsville exploded in flames after a suspect fleeing from police crashed into him.

Gray spent the next two months at the University of Utah Hospital, where nurse Alex Wubbels was arrested when she wouldn't give police a blood draw from Gray, who was unconscious.

He died September 25.

“Bill was mischievous and fun,” his sister said. “He loved to laugh and tell jokes and play pranks, and he was always there whenever anyone needed him.”

That's what his brothers in blue will always remember.

“Bill not only was always happy and positive, but he was one of the more loyal individuals you'll meet too,” Chief Tower said.