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The Importance of Mammograms and How to Schedule Your Exam

Posted at 9:54 AM, Oct 12, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-12 11:54:32-04

When it comes to any type of cancer, early detection is key to improved treatment and recovery outlooks. Early detection can begin with performing breast self-exams every month and going in for an annual clinical breast exam beginning at age 40.

The Breast Care Center at Jordan Valley Medical Center offers comprehensive breast care services in a convenient and comfortable environment. The Breast Care Center provides a full range of preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services.

The Breast Care Center provides a full range of diagnostic and treatment services including:

  • Screening exams
  • 3-D mammography
  • Breast biopsies
  • Stereotactic procedures
  • Brachytherapy treatments
  • Plastic reconstruction and cosmetic surgery
  • Breast-conserving surgery
  • Genetic testing
  • Counseling and support services
  • Educational programs

3-D Mammography

The technology behind 3-D mammography, called tomosynthesis, allows radiologists to view the whole breast in greater detail. During 3-D mammography, a special imaging machine moves in an arc over the breast. Multiple images are acquired at different angles, creating a three-dimensional view of the breast. Radiologists can then view each layer of tissue—similar to leafing through individual pages of a book.

Potential benefits of 3D mammograms

  • Earlier detection of small breast lesions, especially in dense breast tissue
  • Increased accuracy in determining the size, shape, and location of breast abnormalities
  • Decreased risk of false-positive results
  • Reduced need for additional testing
  • Clearer, more accurate images of breast tissue, especially in dense breasts

How to schedule an exam

Scheduling an exam is a simple process that doesn’t require a physician referral. Visit or call 801-617-1919.

The Importance of Mammograms and How to Schedule Your Exam