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Unified Police Lieutenant charged with making false 911 calls

Posted at 9:50 PM, Oct 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 09:28:58-04

SOUTH JORDAN, Utah - Unified Police Lieutenant, Dan McConkey, faces two charges after allegedly making a 911 call on false pretenses.

“In our profession, we’re held that we are going to be honest and have high integrity and trustworthiness,” said Lt. Matt Pennington with South Jordan Police. Pennington’s department is taking over the investigation to insure that a fair investigation process takes place.

Lt. Pennington said a 911 call was made on September 3rd from an individual claiming someone suspicious was lurking around their neighbor’s home.

“We responded to the scene and things weren’t quite adding up,” Lt. Pennington said.

Police said they noticed no signs of trouble at the address, so they looked up the caller’s information and learned the 911 call didn’t come from a neighbor at all. They say it came from Lt. McConkey

“We found out the Lieutenant who had called it is wasn’t being real honest,” Lt. Pennington said. “He saw some vehicles at his son’s house related to his estranged wife and called in as a potential burglary in progress.”

Lt. Pennington wouldn’t speculate if Lt. McConkey was intentionally trying to get his estranged wife in trouble, but just weeks after the incident, divorce papers were filed.

Lt. McConkey will appear in court on November 2, to charges of Falsifying a report and Obstruction of Justice. He has pleaded not guilty to both.