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Orem man arrested for allegedly raping woman

Posted at 5:45 PM, Oct 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 19:45:23-04

OREM, Utah – An Orem man is accused of raping his girlfriend, after being offended by her while at a party.

Police officers received a call from a woman who informed them that her boyfriend Naif Alharbi had raped her.

Police reported that Alharbi picked the woman up on Saturday, and that they planned to spend the weekend together. On Sunday evening, Alharbi reportedly had friends over to his apartment, where they smoked Marijuana together, according to police.

The woman told police that when the guests left, Alharbi became angry with her. He told her that she had offended him, and ordered her to go to his room. Alharbi then put his hand over her mouth, and refused to take her home, police said.

The woman reported  that she feared for her safety, and that she thought Alharbi was attempting to film the encounter when she saw a light on his phone turn on, a police report said.

Alharbi removed the woman’s clothes, and proceeded to rape her, according to police documents. After the incident, the woman reported that Alharbi would not let her leave, and forced her to lay with him until his alarm went off the next morning.

According to police, Alharbi, “denied any wrongdoing,” and was not cooperating with the investigation.

Alharbi was arrested for first-degree felony rape, and a class B misdemeanor for the possession of a controlled substance, according to police.