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New policy makes police body camera recordings public information 10 days after recorded

Posted at 2:13 PM, Oct 17, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-17 17:51:51-04

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SALT LAKE CITY – Mayor Jackie Biskupski and District Attorney Sim Gill announced new policy when it comes to police body camera video being released.

According to the new policy, the recordings of officer-involved critical incidents and body-worn camera recordings will be classified as public record 10 business days after they were recorded, barring any unusual or unforeseen circumstances.

Once the police body camera recording has been classified as a public record it, it will be released upon official request.

“This policy provides time for investigators to protect sensitive evidence, through a court order if necessary,” Mayor Biskupski said.

The policy states the recordings may be subject to redaction or segregation of any private, controlled or protected images or sounds contained on the recordings.

These may include images or sounds which identify potential witnesses or minors, according to the policy.

“The Salt Lake County District Attorney’s office is pleased that Mayor Biskupski worked with us to craft a policy that balances the need for transparency and need to protect the integrity of critical investigations that are the concerns of our community,” DA Gill said. “We have both shared a concern for preserving the investigative process while creating a workable, transparent policy that recognizes the interests of our citizens. Although, there are a wide range of national practices this policy achieves well thought and balanced approach for the needs of our community.”