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Weber School District takes disciplinary action against students in controversial video

Posted at 5:02 PM, Oct 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-23 19:14:22-04

PLEASANT VIEW, Utah – The Weber School District condemned any type of racism, and took ‘appropriate action’ against five students who created a controversial video.

In  a statement released by the school district, officials said:

“The investigation has now concluded and the school has taken appropriate action against the students.  Since this action is now part of their student record and protected by federal and state privacy laws, we are prohibited from releasing the specific details.”

Weber County School District reported that it conducted a, “thorough investigation into the matter,” following public outrage following the release of the video, which went viral.

When played forward, the video depicts five high-school aged girls repeating the phrase, “sergin cuff.”  However, when it is played backwards it shows the girls apparently screaming a racial slur:

WARNING: The video below contains offensive language. It shows the video posted to Instagram of the teens shouting racial slurs. Fox 13 News has altered the video to blur the teens’ faces.

Weber School District stated that even though the video appeared to be just a game, "It doesn’t excuse the fact they knew what the words sounded like when they recorded it and played it backwards."

According to the district, officials are looking into ant-discrimination training that it can make available to students and staff.