South Jordan police search for ‘salon and dash’ suspect

Posted at 10:59 PM, Oct 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-28 00:59:46-04

SOUTH JORDAN -  Police confirmed Friday they're trying to track down a suspect responsible for ditching out on salon services, like 'dine and dash,' but for manicures.
"This is the first time that something like this has happened," said Amy Tran, a nail tech at Nails 4 U in South Jordan.

She said on Tuesday, a woman walked into the salon with her mother and 12-year old daughter, asking for the most expensive end of all of their services.

That included manicures with acrylics and fancy designs, Tran said, as well as pedicures and waxing. But as the bill started to rack up for the three, something wasn't adding up.

"She asked to move the security camera," Tran said, of the main customer.

Security footage shows the nail tech moving the camera away from the woman's face, at the woman's request.

Four hours and $300 later when it came time for the trio to pay, Nails 4 U said the woman gave an excuse and left.

The car, which Nguyen said was parked around the corner, took off. The customers never returned.

An employee said they immediately called police. South Jordan Police said Friday they're investigating the case, and said thanks to tips from a Facebook post of the surveillance footage, they've identified a possible suspect.

They said the suspect could face a criminal charge of Theft of Services.

After Tran posted the footage and it circulated online, she said the woman called the salon on Thursday to apologize and offer to pay next week.

But, because police are already involved and handling the case, she said it's a little too late.

"For somebody to come in here," she said, "and ruin it for everybody else-- it's like now we have to watch out for everybody."