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Woman injured when man falls off balcony at concert

Posted at 1:37 AM, Oct 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-31 04:22:22-04

MAGNA, Utah - A woman was crushed as someone fell on top of her at a concert at The Great Saltair over the weekend.

Rebecca Crawforth attended "Get Freaky" with her friend Danni Miller Saturday night, when she said a man fell on her from the balcony above sometime after midnight.

"Other people were yelling like, 'That guy jumped off the top!'" Miller recounted. She said she rushed in to help Crawforth, who collapsed to the ground.

"His blood was everywhere," Miller said. "It was on Becca, it was on the surrounding people, it was all over the ground."

After falling, she and Crawforth said the man got up and ran off without explaining what happened or checking on Crawforth.

The women realized Crawforth was badly injured.

"I could obviously see that my leg was deformed," Crawforth said. "The medics came to me, and put me on a gurney and then we went to the medical room."

From there, Miller drove Crawforth to the hospital where doctors told her she had a compound fracture in her tibia, damaged ligaments, spinal fractures and rib contusions.

Crawforth is a month away from finishing her bachelor's degree, and she said she's currently in massage school.

She recently left her nursing job to go to school full time, and said she doesn't have health insurance right now.

"My school for massage therapy-- obviously I'm not going to be able to continue that," she said.

What was supposed to be a fun night, turned into a long road of recovery ahead and a major setback for Crawforth, and she doesn't even know who is responsible.

"I'm wondering who did this and what happened to them, and where they're at," she said.

Unified Police said they have not received any official reports, but they did reach out to the venue and the owner confirmed The Great Saltair is aware of the incident.

Calls and an email to The Great Saltair were not returned.

A fundraising account has been set up to help Crawforth with her medical expenses.