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Mother and police ask for help in locating murdered Orem mother and son

Posted at 8:06 PM, Oct 31, 2017

OREM, Utah - The mother of a murdered daughter and grandson spoke to the public on Tuesday afternoon,  standing alongside Orem police investigators and the Utah County attorneys.

“Emily and Gabriel were in our lives for too short a time,” said Brenda Marsh, Emily Almiron’s mother. “ We feel deep anguish for their loss. But this anguish will never surpass the incredible joy we have that they were ours and we were blessed to be their family. They made our lives beautiful and now they are our sweetest dearest memories. We know that it is God’s plan that we will be together once more as a family never to be separated again. We know that through Jesus Christ our savior they are not lost to us; especially we express our most humble thanks to our Father in Heaven, who has been the head of the investigation and has blessed us so kindly and abundantly. We would like to thank the community for your outpouring of love and concern. We are grateful for your prayers that have lifted us over the last two years.”

Over the weekend, Almiron’s boyfriend, 28-year-old Christopher Poulson was arrested in Hawaii. He is expected to be extradited back to Utah soon.

The Utah County Attorney’s office charged him with two counts of murder for both Almiron, and her three-year-old son Gabriel’s death, in September 2015.

“We feel that the night of September 8, 2015 Christopher Poulson killed Emily and Gabe and over the next two days disposed their bodies as well as other important evidence,” said Orem Chief of Police Gary Giles. “Since that time he has continually obstructed the investigation through his lies.”

Court Documents state Poulson lied to police saying he broke up with Almiron, and she moved out of the Orem apartment that they shared. "During the interview the defendant told detectives several times he broke up with Emily because of the use of Meth, but was actively buying and selling narcotics at the same time,” authorities stated.

Police said Poulson also lied about not owning a vehicle at the time he was questioned in September 2015.  Investigators found out he did own a 2002 silver Ford Mustang, and they believe he used it to dispose of the bodies before selling it for under market value.

Court documents stated that his vehicle, "Showed the potential presence of forensic evidence in the trunk area relating to human remains based on the indications of a cadaver dog.”

“There were some items purchased at the Springville Walmart on the 9th of September that we believe were used in the disposing of the bodies,” said Giles.

The court documents also explain that after Poulson reportedly killed Almiron and her son, he took Almiron’s red Toyota Prius to St George with some of her belongings, and abandoned it there to try to deflect attention to him.

Police believe both Almiron and her son’s bodies were disposed of in Utah County before he drove her car to St George.

Police interviewed Poulson two months ago in August. They said two days later he was in Hawaii. He has not said since his arrest in Hawaii, why he left for the state.

Police asked anyone who recalls seeing a 2002 silver Ford Mustang in September 2015 doing anything out of the orinary, you call them right away. They are still trying to find the bodies.