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Chen Wei Guo laid to rest by family and friends

Posted at 6:41 PM, Nov 06, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY - Whether it was through work, school or church, Chen Wei Guo made a lasting impression.

Chalimar Swain and Esther Truman worked with him at the International Student's Office on the University of Utah campus.

"Everybody loved him and he loved everybody," said Trueman.

"Chen touched a lot of lives," Swain said.

During a memorial service on Monday spoken mostly in Mandarin, friends heard from Chen Wei Guo's parents, who traveled here from China to bury their son.

Brittan Herndon and Stephen Fabiano, both knew Chen-Wei Guo  from church.

"His parents are very strong and they just kept talking about hope," said Herndon.

"His dad shared some humorous anecdotes which helped bring some levity to a pretty somber situation," Fabiano said.

Chen-Wei Guo was shot and killed near the University of Utah campus a week ago. Police say Austin Boutain pulled the trigger during an attempted car jacking. Despite the tragedy surrounding his death, his family seems to harbor no ill-will.

"There was no anger or bitterness of any kind. It was just loving and hopeful and thankful for all the love they have received," Trueman said.

"I think it's important for them to know he was loved and cared for here. He had a good life here and we thank them for raising an amazing son," Swain said.

When it comes to what they'd miss most, there seems to be a consensus.

"His smiling face," said Trueman.

"I will remember his smile every time I came in to the office," Swain said.

"It was somber but there was a lot of hope," said Herndon.

Austin Boutain is still behind bars at the Salt Lake County jail awaiting charges. Both Boutain and his wife are also suspects in a murder investigation in Colorado.