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Survey asks for opinions on Twilight Concert Series, and offers alternative options

Posted at 4:44 PM, Nov 07, 2017

SALT LAKE CITY – A  survey about  the Twilight Concert Series was posted by Mayor Jackie Biskupski, to gauge the public’s opinion on the event and find ways to improve.

The description of the survey stated:

“We are taking summer 2018 off to re-evaluate the program to ensure the City can continue to have this highly anticipated concert series for another 30 years – and we need your help!”

Participants in the survey were asked what concerts they attended, if they ate downtown prior to the event, where they parked and how much they paid for each concert.

Earlier this year, the Office of the Mayor recommended a suspension of the Twilight Concert Series, while officials reviewed the overall event.

In a memo to the Salt Lake City Council, the city’s office of economic development said Twilight Concert Series relies on city funding and a cut of the Zoo, Arts and Parks tax. It costs, on average, $227,000 per show.

“Each show needs to capture $113k in earned revenue on average to keep from running a deficit. Two shows in the 2017 Twilight Concert Series earned $50k in earned revenue,” the memo said. “Those two shows on their own ran a $126k deficit – meaning other shows had to cover the earned revenue lost during those shows.”

The survey also highlighted four alternative solutions for the concert series in the 2019 season, and asked which option survey takers would prefer.

According to the survey, the options were:

Keep it the same
7-concert series at Pioneer Park drawing an average of 8,000-15,000 attendees per show.

Fewer shows/bigger names at Pioneer Park
4-concert series at Pioneer Park which would allow the Arts Council to contract better known artists, and possibly attract larger consistent audiences.

Return to the Gallivan Center
7-concert series at the Gallivan Center. A move back would mean a smaller venue and attendance (less than 6,000 per show), with a reduction in artists fees. The Twilight Concert Series was previously held at the Gallivan Center.

‘Twilight Around the City’
5-concert series with 2 large shows at Pioneer Park, 2 shows at Salt Lake Community College’s Grand Theatre, and one show at a westside park.