Man who killed three people told police he feared ‘zombies’

Posted at 8:27 AM, Nov 08, 2017

MILWAUKEE – A man found guilty of murdering three people told police he was afraid of the “zombies.”

Now a jury to trying to determine if Dan Popp was mentally ill at the time.

According to WISN, Popp shot and killed Jesus Manso-Perez, Phia Vue and Mai Vue back in March 2016.

Popp’s interview with police may give insight into what was going through Popp’s mind at the time.

Popp: “There’s a bunch of zombies down there.”
Officer: “You see zombies down there?”
Popp: Unintelligible crying

Popp’s mother told police she was afraid of him, WISN reported.

Officers told WISN she said he had fears about witchcraft, demons and people who were trying to kill him.

At one point during mental health treatment, Popp didn’t know what planet he was on, WISN reported.

It Popp is found to have mental illness, he will be sent to a mental health facility.

If a jury finds he was mentally competent at the time of the murders, he will be sentenced to life in prison.