Loved ones raising funds for trail honoring memory of Utah teens killed in crash

Posted at 9:44 PM, Nov 09, 2017

CORNER CANYON, Utah -- “It's helped me focus on them and focus on how much I love Lexie and how much I love Ethan,” said Sofia Osthed.

This month marks one year since two young teens lost their lives in a horrific car crash in Corner Canyon. Three teens survived the crash, including one of the girl’s twin sister.

Now the teens' close friend is revealing her plans for a unique way to honor and remember them.

“I feel like Lexie and Ethan, whenever they are brought up it's always something so negative because it's such a horrible thing that happened,” Sofia said.

Lexie Fenton and Ethan Fraga lost their lives last November, when their friend behind the wheel tried to catch some air on a road known for jumping. The car crashed, rolled and burst into flames.

Over the past year the community has struggled to heal, including Sofia, Lexie's best friend.

“I wanted to do something because I really, really love Lexie and she's really important to me,” Sofia said.

Sofia found a sense of healing on this mountainside. It's there where a new trail will soon be winding along the trees, dedicated to Lexie and Ethan.

“For me it's really let me focus on the good,” Sofia said.

Sofia spent months planning every twist and turn of the trail and approaching the city council for approval.

“It seriously, it's going to be so beautiful," she said. "There's going to be a spot on it where people can go rock climbing, that's Ethan’s favorite thing to do, and Lexie's favorite thing is to mountain bike so it's perfect."

And a perfect place of peace for the victims' loved ones.

“Just another sign of love and support we've had this year as we've been mourning the loss of our daughter,” said Natalie Fenton, Lexie’s mother.

Sofia's idea for a trail is just one way the community has supported them.

“I think the outpouring of love has been absolutely unbelievable, we have literally been carried,” said Travis Fenton, Lexie’s dad.

While the pain of losing their daughter will never go away.

“Every day is a tough day, every day,” Travis said.

This trail will be a place to escape on those extremely tough days. It's how Sofia said her friends would want to be honored.

“I think they would love it,” Sofia said of her two friends.

Now after all the work of planning and getting it approved, Sofia is raising funds for the trails construction. It's going to cost about $12,000 to construct, and all money will go to the corner canyon trails. Click here to donate.