Thief in Ogden uses pepper spray, gets Tasered and pepper sprayed in return

Posted at 9:49 PM, Nov 09, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-09 23:49:39-05

OGDEN, Utah - Miriam Gobble and her boyfriend sell things on the social media application “Let Go” all the time. But this, was a first.

“You don’t think you’re ever going to go sell something online and someone is going to try and pull something like that,” Gobble explains.

She takes her stun gun with her when she goes to buy and sell things to people who posted on the application. She usually brings her pepper spray as well. Good thing too.

Gobble said the guy who wanted to buy their laptop computer jumped in the back of their car to check it out and make sure it ran properly.

“Once he had seen that it was fine, my boyfriend looked back and said, ‘Do you have the money?’” Gobble said of the exchange. “He was rambling through his pockets to find it. He pulled out pepper spray and sprayed him in the face.”

Gobble said her boyfriend was sprayed in the face, and she turned her head away before the man could spray her too.

“I got out of the car,” Gobble said, adding that the back doors of her car jam frequently, and the suspect wasn’t able to get out. “I pulled my pepper spray out and pulled my taser out and was tazing him.”

In the commotion, neighbors came out of the house and the suspect got away, but Gobble said he left some important evidence behind.

“He left his cell phone sitting on the backseat,” she added.

She hopes police will be able to trace it back to him and make an arrest. Ogden City Police confirm they are aware of the incident and are investigating.

They do encourage anyone trying to buy and sell things from people online to come to a local police department where there are ‘safe exchange zones’ to do it.