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Chef Todd Leonard’s Good Eats that will make for a perfect Thanksgiving

Posted at 4:25 PM, Nov 14, 2017

Need a little help in the kitchen this Thanksgiving? Not to worry, Chef Todd Leonard  some of his delicious Good Eats! that are perfect for not just Thanksgiving, but any occasion this holiday season. Check out the recipes below!

Roasted Winter Roulade for Pork, Turkey, Chicken, Lamb or Beef

Serving Size: 12

3  pounds  pork loin - cut in half length wise (Butterflied) and then cut butter flied             again

1  cup  celery - small diced

1  cup  onion - small diced

3  cups  good bread - medium diced - or crumbs if desired

2  tablespoons  butter

1  cup  dried cherries

1/2  cup  flat leaf parsley - chopped

1/2 cup  sherry cooking wine

2  cups  brown chicken stock

1/4 cup  brown sugar

1/2 tablespoon  cinnamon

Salt  and pepper to taste

Sweat the onions, celery, parsley and cherries in the butter until tender. Add the sugar and cinnamon and melt together. De-glaze with the sherry wine and simmer for about 1 minute. Add the stock and simmer to blend flavors and reduce by 1/4. Pull off the heat and pour over bread in a bowl. Stir well until well incorporated. Let stuffing cool at room temperature. Cut the Meat of Choice in half horizontally and then butterfly the halves. Pound the Meat flat about 1/4 inch thick and around 6x6 square. Spread stuffing in a thin layer over the entire pork loin. Roll tightly and tie with string. If you may wish to wrap with bacon or prosciutto, do so at this time.  Roast in oven to desired done-ness.

Fresh Cranberry-Orange Sauce 

Serving Size: 96

1 pound  granulated sugar

4  ounces  orange juice

8  ounces of water

1 1/2 pounds  fresh or frozen cranberries

1 cinnamon stick

2  ounces  orange liqueur

2  tablespoons  orange zest - finely grated

20 orange segments

3  each  Star anise

1/2  each  Vanilla bean - scraped and dropped in

Combine the sugar, juice and water in a nonreactive saucepan and bring to a boil. Add the cranberries and cinnamon stick and simmer uncovered until the berries begin to burst or for approximately 15 minutes. Skim off any foam that rises to the surface. Add the orange liqueur and zest and simmer for another 5 minutes. Remove from the heat and remove the cinnamon stick. Add the orange segments. Cool and refrigerate.

Butternut Squash Puree 

Serving Size: 8

1  cup  butternut squash - cubed

2  tablespoons  yellow onions - small diced

2  tablespoons  celery - small diced

1/4  cup  cream

1  cup  vegetable stock

Salt and white pepper to taste

2  tablespoons  butter

In a small saucepan, add the first 5 ingredients together and cook with lid on until tender. Drain some of the liquid and for a more desired thickness, puree in a blender until smooth. Thin down with drained liquid and add salt and pepper to taste. Add butter and puree again, then taste and add salt and pepper again to taste.

Cowboy Green Beans

Serving Size: 6

1 1/2  pounds  french green beans - cleaned and trimmed

1/4  pound  bacon - medium dice

1 each  yellow onion - medium dice

1  tablespoon  garlic - minced

2  teaspoons  Chef Todd's Pit Seasoning

1/4  cup  Apple Jack Brandy

2  tablespoons  butter

Blanch and stock the green beans. In a skillet, cook the bacon 3/4 f the way or until it's almost crisp, drain half of the fat. Add in the onions and cook until they're soft and lightly caramelized. Add in the green beans and Pit seasoning, stir well. Add in the Apple Jack Brandy, flambe and cover with a lid and cook for 1 to 2 minutes. Remove the cover and swirl in the butter to coat the beans, and adjust seasonings as desired.