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Mortuary remains under contract after disturbing allegations against it

Posted at 8:34 PM, Nov 14, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-14 23:39:36-05

SALT LAKE CITY - A mortuary that shut down after disturbing accusations came to light two weeks ago is now back open.

“You don’t treat deceased people that way. Deceased humans, you don’t treat them the way they were treated at Carver Mortuary Services,” said Robert Price, a former Carver Mortuary employee.

Carver mortuary's license was suspended, after former employees came forward saying the business was breaking the law.

Carver is now on probation for the next five years. Former employees don’t think that’s enough.

“You don’t do that to the deceased. That’s somebody's mom, sister, mother, dad, brother, friend,” Price said.

Price, a former employee at carver mortuary says he watched helplessly as the company broke the law. The funeral home is accused of stealing jewelry off bodies, mixing remains during cremations and cremating deceased without identification.

“I feel like I have to speak for those deceased individuals and families because who else can,” Price said.

Documents outline a long list of accusations. For example, it says employees placed fetal remains or infants in the same retort, or cremation chamber, as a deceased adult individual.

The company is also accused of knowingly permitting employees to perform embalming and cremation services who were not licensed to do so. Price was one of those employees, but quit weeks after he started.

“I just couldn’t handle. You don’t do that,” Price said.

While he wasn't the first to come forward, he played a vital role in exposing the alleged practices.

“I was just brought in as a witness, and I’m going to speak the truth,” Price said.

Price said one of those disturbing truths are shown in a picture Fox 13 got from someone who claimed to be inside carver in the last 18 months. Price confirms it’s of Carver’s garage. The photo shows bodies being stored in the garage, because the refrigeration room was full.

Carvers is reopening under a new set of rules. They have to reach out to possible victims of these practices, and be supervised by an outside director.

“I’m sickened by that,” Price said about the new regulations. “Somebody has to come in and babysit. What are they even doing in business?”

We reached out to carver, but they did not want to comment, and still have not admitted to or denied these allegations. While they're on probation for the next five years, if criminal charges are filed, Carver could be shut down for good.