New bridge links Jordan River Trail in Salt Lake City

Posted at 4:20 PM, Nov 18, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-19 00:21:45-05

SALT LAKE COUNTY, Utah -- The bridge spans a gap of about 270 feet, but it is the missing link that now connects a paved trail that stretches throughout the Wasatch Front.

On Saturday, Salt Lake dignitaries dedicated the Jordan River Trail Bridge between 200 South and North Temple.

“This is important. We want kids to be able to get out to be active today,” said Ben McAdams, Salt Lake County Mayor. “There are so many excuses to stay at home, to sit at home in front of the screen. We want to entice people to get out and have fun and form memories, and you can join this trail and it’s connected along the Wasatch Front.”

The green line shows the path provided by the bridge while the red line shows the previous path the trail took.

The Jordan River Trail has been planned since the 1970s. Now that it’s complete, the trail, along with its connections to the Legacy Trail on the north and the Murdock Canal Trail on the south, provide more than 100 miles of continuous off-street paved trail.

This trail system is an asset to the community, promoting alternative transportation modes and healthy lifestyles while also allowing residents to experience nature within their city.

The ribbon for the bridge was actually cut by Salt Lake City runner Evan George. He was the first one to run through the ribbon at the end of a special 5k race.

“I would encourage everyone to come to Jordan River," George said. “It’s really unknown and it’s not unsafe. It’s actually a great place to run.”

Voters approved the bond that paid for the bridge, which had a total cost of $4.5 million.

The total length of the bridge, including ramps, is more than 1,200 feet. Planners hope to join the trail to the Bonneville Shoreline trail within the next two years.