Group of close-knit women brave Black Friday together

Posted at 9:26 PM, Nov 23, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-23 23:27:46-05

SALT LAKE CITY - Not even hours after dinner, shoppers went looking for the perfect deal after their Thanksgiving meal.

“Literally dishpan, hands, washed dishes and loaded in the car,” said Jennie Vowles, a bargain shopper.

It's a mad dash for the door buster deals, and an all night battle for bargains.

“Load up and meet in the men shoes,” Jennie said.

Why the men’s shoes? Well, there's no traffic there on black Friday. That's just one of the countless tactics the members of "Team Christmas Miracle" use to navigate the hustle and bustle during the shopping season, and this group is hard to miss.

“First off, we’re loud, and we’re like herding cats and when you have this many dressed alike, yeah you get a lot of looks,” said Natalie Barrus.

Matching shirts, shopping nicknames and a game plan. This team of friends and sisters is one that retailers remember.

“Year after year, people will say to us, 'oh we remember you from last year with matching shirts.' More than once we’ve had that,” Vowles said.

Why the name "Christmas miracle?"

“Anytime we found something that we’d been looking for is a Christmas miracle,” Barrus said.

“My sister has been known to throw some elbows,” said Tawnee Griffith.

Now, with online shopping, their approach has become a little less aggressive.

“Technology has made it a little easier, and taken the sport out of it,” Vowles said.

“More just trying to control your laughter and hold your bladder,” Tawnee said, “my feet definitely hurt by tomorrow evening for sure.”