Leaders encourage Utah shoppers to buy local this holiday season

Posted at 5:41 PM, Nov 24, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-25 11:32:33-05

SALT LAKE CITY – If camping outside a store or sitting online for hours to score Black Friday deals isn’t your thing, locally owned businesses are hoping you’ll give them a try.

A year ago, Melinda Meservey quit her corporate job and opened up Thyme & Place on 362 East 900 South.

“It`s a botanical boutique offering plants, gifts and get-togethers.”

Meservey says she gives customers a one-of-a kind experience they won’t find anywhere else.

“It also gives us a chance to connect with each other. Shopping online is not a bad thing. I do it when I need to but I also love to go out and find out what unique products have been pulled together by people.”

Big department stores steal a lot of the spotlight this time of year. That’s why Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams and Local First Utah is encouraging shoppers to support mom and pop locally owned businesses.

“If they can even shift maybe 10% of their holiday spending toward local business, that will have a huge impact first on the local economy,” said McAdams.

Kristen Lavelett, executive director for Local First Utah adds, “For every $100 spent in a locally owned business, $55 stays here in our economy.”

More importantly, mom and pop’s look out for each other by doing business with other locals.

“All of those elements that keep our economy closely knit and stable so we can really survive and thrive in a changing world,” said Lavelett.

It was busy over at Randy’s Records in Salt Lake City. Shoppers scoured out Black Friday vinyl deals.
For Danny, shopping closer to home gives him more of a personal connection.

“It`s just a little bit nicer when you can feel like you`re contributing to people you can see rather than some faceless organization somewhere else. If we`re going to buy from a big group, we`ll just buy online.”

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