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Serial Lone Peak package thief sought

Posted at 7:35 PM, Nov 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-28 08:24:55-05

LONE PEAK, Utah - Lone Peak Police want to know who snatched several packages from porches in Highland and Alpine over the weekend.

Video surveillance is giving them a few clues as they work to track down the suspects.

Detective Dave Ventrano with Lone Peak Police said Monday that they took reports of missing packages from eight homes.

Sam Roundy was one of them.

Inside his home Monday afternoon, Roundy showed off ornaments on his tree that were shipped to their doorstep last weekend.

Every Christmas tree tells a family's story, and for Roundy, so does each ornament.

"We have a lot of custom ornaments on our tree," he said.

He pointed out the newest additions, including a Precious Moments figure holding a red ornament that says, "Boone's 1st Christmas."

"This was his for his first Christmas," Round said, of his youngest son. "He was born this year."

But that ornament, along with a few others, almost didn't make it onto the tree after Roundy said four of his packages were stolen.

"We were pretty angry, felt very vulnerable," he said.

Several others in Roundy's neighborhood found themselves in the same boat.

Three homeowners nearby have surveillance systems installed on their home, and caught the culprit on camera.

Detective Ventrano said the person may possibly be a female, and wore something over their head during the box heists.

Each time, the person runs over to a white passenger car that Det. Ventrano pointed out was missing the hub caps on the rear wheels.

"Whoever is doing this is taking the packages, driving a couple of blocks, opening them up and then if it's nothing of value, they're just tossing them out the window," Det. Ventrano said.

The Passey family noticed a few of those boxes lying on the ground as they drove by Saturday night.

Alison and her sons Ethan and Alex stopped to see what they were.

"We picked it up, and I could tell that someone had cut it," Alex Passey said, of the one of the boxes.

With addresses on the side, they began to re-deliver the stolen goods.

"They were just really shocked that someone had took it off their porch, and then just brought it down on the street and left it there," Alex said.

He said he didn't know why someone would take someone else's packages, but that it felt good to do the right thing and give them back.

"If someone ever found your package, you would want them to bring it back to your house," Alex said.

As he and his brother take away a lesson about being a good Samaritan, Roundy is learning how to better protect his deliveries.

Thankfully, Roundy said he got everything back including his ornaments, after a different person found his boxes ditched in the area.

Anyone with information on the package thefts should call Lone Peak Police at 801-756-9800.