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Gift ideas for Grandpa

Posted at 3:04 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-29 17:04:34-05

Stephanie Yrungaray, creator of, shared her ideas for thinking outside the box for grandpa this year!

• Gift 1: Grandpas are really just little boys in grown-up bodies. And one thing all little boys love is outer space. This is a space-themed gift and includes a beautiful telescope from Clark Planetarium. This gives grandpa a chance to bond with grandkids. He could host a star gazing or moon watching party. There is a free printable gift tag for this gift at The Gifty

• Gift 2: Grandpas love to go out for breakfast, and this gift idea is a fun way to treat him to some meals out. This breakfast tour gift includes $25 gift cards to some of our favorite breakfast restaurants, Kneaders, PennyAnn`s Cafe, Mimi`s and Blue Plate Cafe.  You can download the gift card holders for the Breakfast Tour on her website. (She is giving away this breakfast tour so make sure you are following on Instagram at TheGiftyGirl.)

• Gift 3: There`s something about being on the open road that grandpas love. This is a road trip gift and includes this car cooler bag with snacks, an atlas and this road trip book that has beautiful pictures and travel and food recommendations. You can download the gift tag from

• Gift 4: If you have a grandpa who is local this is a fun gift idea. It is the Cookie of the Month Club. We`ve done several variations, including Dessert of the Month and Soup of the month. We choose a day each month to deliver (First Sunday or Last Friday of the month or whatever). On that day we make a treat and then deliver it to Grandpa. I always have my kids help me and it is a fun treat not only to make but to deliver them and the grandpas will love having a special meet up every month. You can print out certificates to give to Grandpa for a gift from the website.

  • Gift 5: An audio voice recorder and printable prompts for grandpa to record his life story for the entire family to enjoy for generations to come.
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