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Suspect accused of impersonating a police officer and sexually assaulting woman is arrested

Posted at 7:29 PM, Nov 29, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-29 21:29:37-05

SALT LAKE CITY -- Police have a Saratoga Springs man in custody after they say he impersonated an officer and sexually assaulted a woman.

Police say the suspect, 41-year-old Christopher Scott, contacted the victim in April on the website,, a classified advertising website. That's where they set up to meet at a West Valley motel, according to Salt Lake City Police detective, Greg Wilking.

"He actually shows a badge but it's a firefighter badge and my understanding is it's from a private firefighting company thats from out of state," Wilking said.

According to the search warrant, Scott told her if she didn't do what he told her, she was going to jail. He then told her she just needed to relax and everything would be fine and then proceeded to sexually assault her.

"Anytime somebody is committing a crime and passing themselves off as law enforcement it actually undermines our ability to do our job," Wilking said.

A few months later, the victim told police that Scott contacted her again to set up another meeting.

"We arranged a sting and were able to take him into custody when he arrived at that location," Wilking said.

Police have asked Fox 13 to not show Scott's mug because they believe there are more victims.

"We need to protect the integrity of the investigation and not have his face all over the news so that when our victims come forward they can ID him from a lineup."

Wilking said they're having trouble getting victims to come forward on the record.

"They’re working as an escort in prostitution," Wilking said. "And so they’re a vulnerable person already and very often they don’t want to have contact with law enforcement."

However, Wilking reassures the public that all victims will be taken seriously and they won't be prosecuted for prostitution.

Bail for Scott was set at $150,000. His first court appearance is scheduled for Monday.