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Lehi officers buy boy a new bike after vandals destroyed his old one

Posted at 1:56 PM, Dec 01, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-01 21:26:06-05

LEHI, Utah – Lehi Police officers played Santa’s helpers this week when they gave a little boy a big surprise.

Lehi resident Tamarie McMullin shared the sweet story on Facebook.

The 8-year-old boy, Edson Cranford, is a third-grader at Meadow Elementary School in Lehi. He usually rides his bicycle home after school, but earlier this week he got a ride home instead and left his bicycle at the school’s bike rack.

Then the next morning he was crushed to see it was damaged beyond repair.

“The little boy said, ‘It looks like it was really cold last night and it ruined my bike,’ and I said, ‘Oh cold doesn’t do this to a bike,’” explained Carolyn Johnson, Meadow Elementary School Principal.“He didn’t really understand at the beginning. It was like he couldn’t quite believe that someone had done something to his bicycle… he kept coming back from his class to check on his damaged bike.”

The school filed a police report, and Lehi Police came over to look at the school’s surveillance video.

“Some kids went there after hours,” Officer Brian Crosby said. “They were playing basketball or something, and then you can see them riding it, and then you can see them throwing it against the wall of the school.”

Johnson detailed the damage.

“The tires were all mangled, the spokes were out,” Johnson said. “There were no reflectors. All the reflectors were on the ground outside. The handle bars were upside down. The chain was partly on the ground.”

Officer Crosby said it was difficult to identify the vandals because it was dark outside at the time of the incident. Crosby decided he wanted to do something nice for Edson. He did not know that Edson is already a shy student. Principal Johnson told Fox 13 News Edson hardly ever even speaks to people.

Crosby talked to his officers at the police station, and about seven of them donated funds to buy Edson a brand new bicycle.

“We have the mentality of trying to give back as best as can,” Officer Crosby said.

They used their own money and collected $70 for the new bike.

They went over to Edson’s house to surprise them. He was surprised and happy, but not talkative, until Fox 13 News asked him how he was feeling sitting on his bicycle.

“I thank the cops because they always do good stuff to people,” Edson said. “And they always just protect people and they always keep everyone safe.”

Needless to say, he was one grateful little boy.

Lehi police are still looking for the vandals who damaged Edson’s bike. If you have any information about the kids who were out this week at Meadows Elementary School, please call Lehi police: 801-768-7110

These community heroes proved themselves as true heroes. They showed kindness, generosity, and love beyond what is required when wearing the badge. Thank you Lehi Police Department, Officer Crosby, and the other officers for helping this boy, his family, and all of us at Meadow Elementary School begin the Christmas season with warmth in our hearts for the kindness you've shown!