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Mini Trump and Mini Pence also visit Salt Lake City Monday

Posted at 9:53 PM, Dec 04, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 09:00:55-05

SALT LAKE CITY - From the hand gestures and hair, right down to the lips and the lingo, these two played their parts well.

“You are tremendous, you're fantastic, I love you,” Trevor Tharp, a Trump impersonator said.

Mini Trump and Mini Mike Pence, strolled the streets of Salt Lake City Monday.

“There was just so many supporters and everyone loved it and I just had a fantastic time it was tremendous,” Trevor said.

Trevor and Tristen Tharp waited for Air Force One Monday morning, and when the real Donald Trump got off the plane, the 16-year-olds say the President pointed right at them. Spotting Trevor and Tristen, who were dressed as Trump and Pence, right away.

“He points directly at me and says, ‘You know I got to meet this kid and he goes you're fantastic. I love this guy isn't he fantastic?’” Trevor said of the first moments he met the President.

“I was the first person to get a handshake and then my brother went to him and we got our hats signed,” Trevor said.

Trevor and Tristen said the handshake is one they won’t forget.

“He’s got a really good grip and he pulls you forward to him so his arm is out like this it's a firm handshake that's for sure,” Trevor said.

They even tested out their jokes on the president. The president’s reaction to their impersonations took them by surprise.

“A lot of people in the media describe him as a rude person, and I had that expectation of going in today that he wouldn't want to see us because we're impersonating him but he was a really nice guy,” Tristen said.

When I asked the talented twins what trump will be talking to pence about after his trip to Salt Lake City, they said, “He's probably going to be like there are two kids in Utah who impersonate us and they're not that good but they're not that bad."

These two don't talk politics, they're just trying to make people smile. They hope their next stop is the white house. Find more of their videos here:

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