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Report: odds are, the flu could be on your next flight

Posted at 8:08 PM, Dec 05, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-05 22:08:18-05

UTAH – In a new study conducted by Mattress Firm, a large majority of people claimed that they would fly, even if they had the flu.

Out of 2,500 travelers surveyed, 75 percent of people stated that they would not cancel a nonrefundable flight if they had a cold or the flu.

Airplanes can be a hotbed for germs, and the spread from person to person can be easy.  According to the report, airline travel trays contain the most germs in an airplane cabin.

Here are some tips for not getting sick, or spreading germs to others while traveling:

  1. Get lots of sleep: Getting sleep both before and after a trip can help boost your immune system, helping prevent a cold.
  2. Wear a mask: If your immune system is weak or you want to prevent the spread of a cold, wearing a mask can help block germs from going in or out. Make sure you get a medical grade mask, as opposed to a paint mask.
  3. Sanitize your serving tray: Come prepared on your next flight with disinfecting wipes, to sanitize your seat tray before use.
  4. Use hand sanitizer: Germs can easily travel from your hands to your mouth. Be sure to sanitize your hands before eating.
  5. Get your flu shot: This will not protect you from every illness you can get on a plane, but it will help reduce your risk of getting a debilitating virus.

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