From loss to holiday cheer, an Ogden boy’s stolen-bike journey

Posted at 8:35 AM, Dec 10, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-11 00:04:40-05

NORTH OGDEN - 'Tis the season to be jolly... unless of course you're seven-years-old and someone just stole your beloved bicycle. That's when North Ogden Police stepped in to add a little holiday cheer.

When Bentley went outside with his family to hang their Christmas lights he found his treasured bike had been swiped right from their carport overnight.

"He loved his bike, he was devastated that it had been stolen," said his father Tristin-Don Monroe.

The family reported the theft to Officer Sempsrott with North Ogden Police, but the odds were against finding the treasured two-wheeler.

A week later Officer Sempsrott called with some bad news.

"The officer had called yesterday to tell us that he had not had any luck in finding it," said Monroe.  What the officer didn't tell the family was his secret holiday plans.

About two hours later there was a surprise knock at the door, Officer Sempsrott wanted to make up for the unsuccessful search.

Bentley took a short walk with the officer and to his surprise, the officer gifted him a brand new bike!

Bently and his new holiday bike.

According to the Monroe family, they believe the new pair of wheels was paid for directly out of the Officer Sempsrott's pocket.

Monroe recalled,"He was way excited he didn't even know what to say."

It didn't take long for Bentley to take a ride on his new bicycle, spreading a little extra holiday cheer as he sped away.

"We are firm believers in paying it forward but have never had such a random act of kindness happen like this," said Monroe.

The Monroe family says they are extremely grateful to the North Ogden Police Department and Officer Sempsrott for their special Christmas Surprise.