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Report: Women’s hands are typically colder than men’s

Posted at 2:28 PM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-11 16:28:15-05

SALT LAKE CITY –  According to a study made by the University of Utah, women’s hands are generally colder than men’s.

The university employed the use of thermal imaging, to compare the hands of men and women. They found that typically, women’s hands run 2.8 degrees Fahrenheit colder than men’s.

Exposure to cold causes blood vessels in hands and feet to contract, reducing blood flow as the body attempts to keep vital organs warm.  The university found that the response to cold is much faster in women when compared to men- and they don’t know exactly why.

They do know, however, that differences in body size, hormones and body composition could be the causes.

Women biologically have more body fat, and less muscle than men. Body fat protects vital organs, but also restricts blood flow to the hands and feet.

The study said that women also tend to lose heat faster than men from their skin, because they are generally smaller.

Although having cold hands is not typically a cause for concern, they can sometimes be caused by underlying health conditions. If the problem is very uncomfortable or persistent, experts urge individuals to see a doctor.