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Tooele “Giving Train” takes off on Facebook group page

Posted at 6:14 PM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-11 20:15:33-05

TOOELE, Utah – A group of Tooele residents are turning to Facebook to give back, and their goods deeds are inspiring others to hop on the “Giving Train.”

There’s been a lot of traffic on the Tooele County 411 Facebook page since Fox 13 aired their story on Friday, December 8th. Patty Deakin-Daley runs the group page, and has been overwhelmed by the number of people who are willing to pay it forward.

“By the time you start trying to count, the page refreshes. And there's five more people who have jumped on the giving train,” Deakin-Daley said.

People are giving what they can, big or small. From books, personalized Christmas ornaments, turkeys and travel tickets; to tents, housecleaning services and paying for power bills.

“If they don't have money to give, they give services that they have or a present that they got three years ago that they haven't opened that they know someone in need will want,” said Deakin-Daley.

Tyler Strickland was killed in a car accident this past summer. To honor his memory, his family is giving away hats, t-shirts and $200 Visa gift cards.

“I posted it this morning and it's got huge reviews,” said Angie Silva, Tyler’s sister. “I asked that people share a memory, a picture or just something positive to make the family smile when they read it.”

Photographer Robyn Fish is giving away two family photo sessions.

“I figured I'd get 5 or 10 people that were like, oh, I'd like one.” Since posting it on Facebook Sunday night, she’s received dozens of nominations.

“This one reads: We wanted to get updated pictures two years ago after our baby was born and it`='s just never been financially in the cards. I know what that's like,” said Fish.

The mother of six has received a lot of help over the years, and she wanted to give back.

“Nothing's too small. And the way it makes you feel. Nothing beats it,” Fish said.

“My Christmas wish is that there's not one single child that goes without Christmas this year in Tooele County and if we can get Utah on this train.... Choo! Choo!” said Deakin-Daley.

There are a lot of people working behind the scenes who don't want their good deeds published.

For instance, members of the Tooele County 411 Facebook group have provided Sub for Santa presents for 80 kids.