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Tips to ease the burden of healthcare costs

Posted at 4:36 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 18:36:29-05

It's almost the new year, which means that your healthcare coverage could be changing.

Deb Taylor, RN from Revere Health, has some tips and tricks when it comes to easing the burden of healthcare costs. Check out the tips below:

Tip #1: Get your annual wellness visit—These visits help your doctor ensure that you are well and detect problems early when they are easiest and least expensive to treat.

  • Don’t forget your regular health screenings
  • Most insurances cover these services in full

Tip #2: Go to an urgent care instead of the emergency room—Emergency rooms can be exponentially expensive compared to an urgent care, and a lot of emergency room visits could have been taken care of at an urgent care.

  • You should go to the emergency room for things like: major injuries or head trauma, poisoning, loss of consciousness, constant bleeding, severe burns, severe shortness of breath, facial drooping or sudden paralysis, etc.

Tip #3: Conduct a prescription audit with your doctor—A patient who receives treatment from multiple physicians may be taking several medications for the same condition, and there may be a less expensive substitute available.

Tip #4: Choose a healthcare provider that practices value-based care—VBC means a lower cost of care without sacrificing quality.

  • The US spends more money on healthcare than any other nation, and we have the worst outcomes.
  • Right now, our healthcare operates on a fee-for-service system where providers get paid based on the volume of services they provide. Value-based care is the opposite. Providers get paid if they can provide the best care and at a lower cost.

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