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These winter driving tips will help you stay safe on Utah roads

Posted at 5:40 PM, Dec 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 08:27:33-05

SALT LAKE CITY — The Utah Department of Transportation, Utah Department of Public Safety and Utah Highway Patrol have collected a series of winter driving tips to help you and your fellow drivers and passengers stay safe on the roads:

  • You have to slow down
  • Drive under the speed limit
  • Avoid quick stops, starts and turns
  • Increase your following distance
  • Use extra caution when changing lanes
  • Always buckle up
  • Coats can interfere with car seat fit
  • 4WD and AWD don’t make you invincible
  • Watch for black ice
  • Bridges freeze first
  • The road behind an active snow plow is safer to drive on
  • If you skid, ease off the gas and turn into the skid
  • Snow left on your car can be hazardous
  • Clear snow and ice for visibility
  • Don’t use cruise control
  • Watch for deer
  • Keep your gas tank close to full
  • Dress for the weather
  • Give yourself more time
  • Stay at home if you really don’t need to go anywhere

Visit for details on all of these tips and other useful information.