Community turns Magna neighborhood into ‘Christmas Street’

Posted at 9:35 PM, Dec 22, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-22 23:58:35-05

MAGNA, Utah -- A Magna neighborhood is spreading Christmas cheer with a dazzling display of thousands of lights on every home on the street.

It's so popular, people have the dubbed the glittering gateway "Christmas Street."

The neighbors on the street say it's not just about the holiday spirit, but about family and community.

On that short street in Magna, the Christmas spirit shines bright. Spectators can drive, walk or even ride a horse-drawn carriage down Miracle Cove to breathe in the wonder and joy that each decked-out house brings.

On Friday, dozens of cars made the rounds while playing Christmas music, which some of the lights are timed to dance to.

Craig Hardman is the original resident of Miracle Cove. He said most of the neighbors have lived there for nearly two decades.

He said several years ago, a few houses decided to put up lights. The displays grew and grew, and evolved into what delighted onlookers see today.

Holly Lemon, who lives down the street, said the neighbors are like family and they enjoy the community feel.

"It's just fun to have the friendship and have people enjoy it," she said.

The name of the street is fitting for their festive spirit.

"A 'miracle' is part of Christmas," Hardman said.

Sometimes, he said, Santa makes an appearance. Neighbors hand out goodies and treats.

Hardman said they also have a special Christmas Eve tradition, where they host a luminary and light dozens of candles.

For a little street in Magna, the holiday cheer couldn't be any bigger.

"The Spirit of Christmas brings us together," Lemon said. "It's just a lot of fun."

To see the lights and hear the music on 'Christmas Street,' simply search for "Miracle Cove, Magna" in Google or Apple Maps.