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Car crashes and catches on fire in Orem, police blame uncleared windshield

Posted at 3:47 PM, Dec 26, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-26 17:52:26-05

Car crashes and burns in Orem. Police blame uncleared windshields.

OREM, Utah – A car crashed and burned in Orem early Tuesday morning, and police said uncleared windshields played a factor.

According to a post on the Orem Police Department’s Facebook page, the crash took place when a motorist tried to cross 800 north, but crashed into the concrete median. “Fortunately no one was hurt when this driver failed to clear off her windshield,” the post added.

Once the car hit the median, the gas tank ruptured, and sparks ignited the fuel. While no one was hurt, the car was seriously damaged by the fire.

Orem police used the incident to encourage drivers to take the time to scrape and clear front and rear windshields, side windows, and exterior mirrors before driving.

With multiple vehicles being stolen while cars are being warmed up, police are once again warning motorists not to leave an unattended car idling in the morning. Investigators say car thieves search neighborhoods looking for exhaust coming from an idling car.