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Mapleton couple may have planned murder/suicide of family, search warrant states

Posted at 10:07 PM, Jan 02, 2018

MAPLETON, Utah - New documents released in a Mapleton murder suicide Tuesday revealed disturbing details of what may have led up to a family of four and their dog ending up dead in their home.

Police said Timothy Griffith shot and killed Jessica Griffith, her 16-year old daughter Samantha Badel and the couple’s 5-year old son Alexandre before shooting himself.

Officers discovered the family in early November, after Timothy failed to show up to work for a few days.

A search warrant for prescription histories filed by Mapleton Police detail what they found after obtaining a search warrant for cell phones, tablets and computers.

“During the investigation I located several messages indicating Jessica Griffith was sick and may not have had much longer to live,” the prescription history warrant states.

The detective said he found Google searches for ovarian cancer, and that in speaking with family and friends, he learned that Jessica suffered from depression.

“I also learned that Jessica and Timothy have been messaging about when this tragic incident would take place,” the detective wrote.

According to the detective, family said that Timothy Griffith was violent and may have been suffering from mental illness.

Because of that, the detective said he wanted to look at the prescription histories for Jessica and Timothy, “in an attempt to determine if Jessica Griffith or Timothy Griffith were taking medication for depression or any other mental illness or diseases as this will assist me in understanding why these homicides occurred.”

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