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How to get professional organizers to help out at your business

Posted at 3:00 PM, Jan 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-03 17:00:24-05

Utah Professional Organizers is a professional association for business owners and service providers in the organizing industry.

They hold our monthly meetings in SLC with members from around the state and currently have about 40 members. The meetings consist of part business, part education, and networking.

Their members range from new organizers to veterans with 20 plus years experience. If you would like to find a professional organizer for yourself or if you want to join our group, go to for more information.

UPO gives back to the community through our annual "Get Organized' GO Event Project in which we donate time and talent to projects that benefit the community. For our 2017 Go Event we organized rooms at Palmer Court, the Road Home`s long-term residential facility. This service helped the hard working staff at Palmer Court better serve their clients.

UPO is taking submissions for their 2018 GO Event. If you know of a non-profit or business you think can benefit from our services, please submit the following info to
1.  Your name
2.  The Contact information for the business or non-profit being nominated
3.  Why are they a good candidate for the 'G.O. Event' service project
4.  A couple photos of the project