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Tightening the food budget belt

Posted at 2:57 PM, Jan 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-03 16:57:40-05

Eating healthy seems like a great idea until you see how expensive healthy food can be.

Don't give up hope though, because Trish Brimhall is sharing some surprising tips that will help cut down your food bill. Check them out below!

Drink Free 

-$16 billion per year on bottled water (2,000 times more expensive than tap)

-$65 billion per year on soda per year - $850/per person per year on soda

Reduce Waste 

-Make reducing food waste a priority.  The average American household loses approximately $2200 per year on food waste alone.

-Best way to save on your food dollar is to make planning a priority.  3 minutes twice a week to go through your fridge and freezer will reduce waste and allow you to actually enjoy your food while it`s still edible and not growing pink fuzz or liquefying in your produce drawer.

-Working your existing food into your week`s menu may take a few minutes, but provides money savings.

Watch Portion Size

-Take a look at their handful - you may be serving ½ of your portion size to your preschooler, but they may only need ¼ your portion size.  Take a look at your child`s handful-size and reevaluate how much you are serving and wasting.

Unit Price First, Last and Always

-A sale tag doesn`t necessarily mean it is cheaper.  Get the whole story with unit pricing.

Shop Outside the Grocery Store

-Think outside the traditional grocery store for better food bargains.  For example: bakery outlet bread is half-price or less, dollar store frozen fruit is often ¼ the price of traditional grocery store frozen fruit.  Be aware and informed of your local sales because there will be times when the grocery store may be the best option for your budget.

Fresh Isn't Always Best 

-Fresh the only way to get produce in.  Shopping seasonally will save you money in the produce section, but frozen and canned produce is often cheaper plus you have less waste because of prolonged storage life.