Provo man booked for burglary after taking his own bike out of police evidence area

Posted at 4:02 PM, Jan 04, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-04 18:02:50-05

PROVO, Utah — A Provo man faces a burglary charge after authorities say he broke into a police evidence enclosure and took his own bike back.

Sgt. Nisha King of the Provo Police Department said David Snow came to Provo Police Department on December 18 to collect his bicycle, which was being held as evidence.

King said the bike was listed under the name of the suspect in a theft case rather than under the name of Snow, who claimed to own the bike. As police were trying to figure out the situation, Snow walked away.

Police say Snow and another man returned that night and entered a locked, outdoor enclosure where evidence is kept. The pair took Snow’s bicycle from the evidence enclosure and left.

Later an officer in Provo received an email about a bike missing from the external evidence facility. That officer later arrested the man who had allegedly stolen the bike in the first place, and that man told police he had heard the suspects bragging about stealing the bike back from Provo Police.

The other man bragged that he and Snow, “pulled off the crime of the century and broke into the police department”, a statement of probable cause alleges.

Snow denied stealing the bike back from evidence when confronted, but police followed leads and located the bike at the home of one of Snow’s relatives. That relative told police Snow had brought the bike to the home.

Snow then claimed he had seen someone riding the bike and “kicked his a–” to recover it before taking it to the relative’s home. Police say that Snow has an extensive criminal history that includes theft charges and that he has “shown a propensity to conceal the truth from law enforcement officials to hide [his] crimes.”

Snow was booked into jail and faces a charge of burglary for breaking into the evidence area. Police say there are no theft charges because Snow owns the bike in question.